Legacy Work

Welcome to my blog, Legacy Work!

On these pages I will share my stories, experiences and ideas about the importance and implementation of legacy work. I believe that by intentionally creating your legacy you will

  • Enjoy more intimacy in your relationships
  • Realize the impact your life has had
  • Remember touching and meaningful moments
  • Heal unfinished business, so you leave with no regrets
  • Share and celebrate your journey
  • Avoid leaving your family with the burden of uncertainty when you pass

While many, especially boomers, are in denial of their aging and ultimate end, preparing now for the inevitable will provide peace of mind, allowing you to live and leave a legacy of love.

A legacy is one of the most generous and powerful gifts that you can give – to yourself and to those you love. Follow me and learn how simple it can be. Simple, yes – though not always easy. Yet the benefits that you and your family will gain are immense. I hope you’ll begin the journey now. And as you travel the road of legacy work, please share your stories of insights, joys, tears and impact.

Thank you!

Ann Ranson

Legacy Coach and Trainer

Helping boomers and their parents plan for and come to peace with dying so that they can live and leave a legacy of love.



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