Legacy Coaching

Coaching is a partnership between the coach and client. It is based on trust and confidentiality. And, it is a journey. Coaching isn’t like counseling and it doesn’t dwell in the past – except in context of gathering your life stories.

In coaching we talk about ideal outcomes. The question is always about, “How do I get from here to there?” In this case, it is about how you can live and leave a legacy of love.

Legacy is a simple word, defined as what we leave behind. Yet the possibilities surrounding the what and how are unlimited. Some of the answers will be uncovered in the initial coaching sessions and others will unfold as the process unfolds.

How it works


Intentional Legacy Coaching Program

This robust program is offered in three different formats and all include a combination of time together with Ann, work she’ll do independent of your meetings and work you’ll do outside of your meetings.

Meetings together are designed to gather and discover your life stories, your intentions and your concerns about living and leaving your right legacy. They might cover a wide range of discussions about all facets of your legacy and end-of-life planning. While Ann provides worksheets and checklists for organizing your legal and financial documents, the creation or review is left to the appropriate experts.

Independent Work – between in-person or phone meetings, you and Ann might both be engaged in research, administrative duties, collection of memorabilia or other related tasks, all in support and with your guidance.


Jumpstart Package – a 90-day program to create a basic legacy plan that includes:

Six 50-minute coaching sessions to discover and bring forward your ideal legacy outcomes, stories, values and hopes for the future, plus four hours of independent work by Ann.

Completion of: organization of end-of-life planning documents; a brief ethical will; casual video biography (20-30 minutes).



VIP Day – a one-day program to complete a legacy plan including an ethical will, a casual video biography and video tour of your library, home or office (30-40 minutes).

This session will cover your ideal legacy outcomes, stories, values and hopes for the future, plus four hours of independent work afterwards by Ann and a brief visit to your home or office before the VIP day to review logistics.



All Inclusive – typically an annual program that includes a broad range of services and outcomes. Perfect for a busy or recently retired executive who is looking to create and preserve a personal and professional legacy as well as create a retirement plan for how to use their skills and wisdom to benefit the community.

Outcomes vary, but might include: an ethical will; video biography (casual or professional); soundtrack of your life; retirement plan; philanthropy plan; facilitated family conversations about end-of-life planning; organization of relevant documents; biography; even composition of a song or piece of art.



A la Carte – any of the legacy products can be purchased separately, including the Leave a Legacy of Love Workbook, due out in Summer 2015.



Packages range from $1800.  For more details call Ann at 972.308.6995 or email ann@intentionswork.com.